Pembina Curling Club Junior Program

  • Sundays from 1:30pm – 3:30pm. (with the bell ringing at 3:15 pm)
  • Approximate Ages 16 – 20 years of age.
  • Normally, up to 18 – 20 ice times are allotted for this league.
  • An advanced level to the Saturday afternoon program where skill level is high and challenges the curler.
  • Games are 8 ends.
  • Team entries are accepted.
  • The remaining teams are made up by the Junior Curling Coordinator from the registrations received. Each team will normally have thirds and skips with the most curling experience and the leads and seconds with little or no curling experience. The idea is to attempt to make all teams as even as possible. If possible, teams will also be formed to ensure that each team had at least one instructor/coach.
  • Team entries held to 12 teams only with a spare list established to fill in when needed.
  • Teams are arranged based on gender for the most part. Coed teams will be arranged as required.
  • Wins and losses are recorded and teams are sorted into squares during season play.
  • We encourage a team coach to be listed for the idea of providing a 4-end break to discuss strategy.
  • Grand Aggregate and square winners are awarded at the end of the year.
  • An Awards Banquet wraps up the year.


  • At the sound of the bell, curlers finish up the end they are playing and then play one more end at which point, the game ends. In the event of a tie, teams shall play an extra end. In the event of a blank end in the extra end, the game will be declared a tie.
    • Note: An end is considered complete and the next end is in progress when the final stone of the end has reached the delivery end tee line.
  • The thirds of the winning team shall mark the results of each game, immediately after it has been completed. The failure of any team to mark the results of their games may result in both teams being assigned a loss for each game the results of which are not received.