Friday Night Mixed
Group C
Sheet 1 2 3 4 5 6
14-Feb   C2 - C4     C1 - C6 C3 - C5
21-Feb   C1 - C5 C2 - C3 C4 - C6    
28-Feb       C2 - C5 C3 - C6 C1 - C4
6-Mar C2 - C6   C1 - C3 C4 - C5    
13-Mar   C3 - C4 C5 - C6 C1 - C2    
C1 Muirhead 204.801.2455 D1    
C2 Sandilands 204.998.8794 D2    
C3 Forrester 204.668.7536 D3  
C4 Babiak 204.218.9501 D4    
C5 Helgason 204.231.5972 D5    
C6 Meikle 204.736.3809 D6    
Rules of Play: 1.At least one female player must be in the Skip or
†††† third position.
2.Five rock free guard zone rule applies.
3.Eight ends or one hour fifty minute bell.
4.Tied games, Skips rocks with sweeping.
5.Spares play lead first, then second if two spares are playing.
††††† No exceptions so donít even ask!
6.Please contact the opposing skip ASAP if you cannot
†††† make the game.
7.Please mark your wins / losses after each game.
8.Games not marked will result in an automatic loss.
9.Liquor purchased at the PCC allowed at ice level.
***Pembina CC website:††